Still no internet..

I still don't have internet at home so I'm at the library in school and therir computers don't have a,a o.. So I'm writing in English, deal with it..! :)

These past few days have been just amazing! The weather has been great! Actually WARM! Like summer warm, like skirt and a tank-top warm..! Amazing!! I alost went swimming.. Almost.. But I did change my mind when I felt the temperature of the Atlantic. It's cold.. But beautiful.

Yesterday was E-mail's bday, and we threw a surprise bday party for him on Friday! He didn't have a clue about our plans, and when he came home Friday night, our house was packed with people! It was great! I think it was the best party so far. Our house has really become the party house among the Erasmus students..! :P

Saturday night, I went with Aniko and my new friend Joseph (Italy) to the pub King's Head for a beer. Very nice.
And Sunday was amazing. Me, Jenny, Aniko and a whole bunch of other people went out to an island called The Aran Island, and it was just like I've always imagined Ireland.. Green hills, no trees, cliffs, the ocean... Gorgeous. I'll post pictures later.

Yesterday which was E-mail's actual 23rd bday, we went to MariaStella's (Italy) for dinner. They had made Italian pasta and some Polish dish, sooo good! And I had made cinnamon rolls as another surprise for Emil :) It was the first time I tried to make them, but they actually tasted quite good haha!

Gotta go.. People in line for the computer...

Postat av: Johanna

Det där låter helt underbart Sofia! Vi måste fara på semester till Irland nån gång senare i livet så du får visa dina nyfunna smultronställen ;)

2009-09-15 @ 21:12:23

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